February 2, 2019 

Masterclasses by Beneath Your Beauty // for working professionals + entrepreneurs ready to take the plunge, adapt to change, and thrive whole doing so.

February Masterclass Topics

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The Art of Negotiation & Leveraging Your Strengths

Our guest speakers will break down knowing your worth, and getting to yes with your desired salary in your career, or desired pay rate as an entrepreneur. Skills in negotiation 

Making a Career Change

Whether you’re shifting roles or pivoting from career professional to entrepreneur, we’ve got your back. Come sit us as our guest speaker, Grace Eleyae, shares how she went from budding journalist and actress, to CEO of an 8 figure hair accessory brand.


Our Speakers

From assistant to CEO, Grace Eleyae turned what she viewed as her biggest disadvantage into one of her greatest opportunities.  In 2014, as a solution to her completely damaged, broken and dry hair, Grace did the big chop (gulp). It gave her the courage to live the life she wanted regardless of negative external influences. In other words, it gave her the courage to live confidently. That same year, she created the Slap (Satin-Lined Cap)® as a solution to a very real problem in her life–hair breakage. Since then, Grace and her products have been featured on ABC’s The View, The Today Show, ELLE Magazine, New York Magazine, ABC News, Allure Magazine, Teen Vogue, Essence, Refinery 29, Huffington Post, and more. In just over 4 years, the company has sold more than 700,000 products to over 250,000 people worldwide. Grace has broadened her product line to satin pillowcases, satin scrunchies, satin-lined baseball hats and more versatile luxury satin hair protective products that are designed to combine style, comfort and functionality for the modern woman.

Grace Eleyae

Founder of Grace Eleyae, Inc. 

Rachel-Yvonne is a speaker, singer/songwriter and coach with an unquenchable passion for impacting lives so that they can be, in the words of her personal mantra ‘brave, powerful and free’. She truly believes that we can ‘have it all’ and that can only be defined between you and God. Her clients love her no-nonsense, empowering style. Whether it is music, preaching, coaching or teaching Rachel-Yvonne is one woman on a serious God-given mission to transform lives for good.

Rachel Yvonne 

Success Coach 

Foluke Jeboda is the Regional Sales Manager, West Division for the Safety Products Team of Matheson Gas. Matheson is a global supplier of industrial gas, safety equipment and services where she started as a safety specialist before her promotion. Prior to her current role, Foluke was a Director, Sales Training for Airgas. Foluke played several key roles within Airgas where she started her sales career as an Account Executive inside sales and later the sales manager for one of four telesales centers. Here she learned and mastered the art of negotiation.

Foluke Jeboda

Manager of Matheson Gas