Know your why: It’s important to start developing your brand with the right reason in mind. What’s your aim? This is often referred to as your brand vision. Think (realistically) about the ultimate goal of your business/creative venture. It’s nice to say “my goal is to inspire people”. While I genuinely hope your venture does just this, dig deeper. How is it that you aim to inspire? Write down 1-3 things you want your consumer to leave with after they encounter your brand.

Determine your core values: What are the core beliefs you hold that cannot be negotiated? Defining these values will help you tell your brand’s story. Values will influence how you operate, how you hire staff, and how you produce content, merchandise, or events. For example, maybe you believe that every woman is beautiful and unique; maybe you believe in Christ Jesus; perhaps you believe in the power of positive words? Take a moment to think about the beliefs and values you hold.

Define your audience: I always encourage my consulting clients to write down their vision of their target audience. Think about exactly who you want your content/merchandise to reach. The more specific you are, the better.

Articulate your brand promise: By far my favorite one! Now that you’ve defined your target audience, what are you promising her? Good vibes, laughter, perfect skin? Everything you do from here on out should point back to this promise.